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Happiness is Not having to worry

We're Here to Help Seniors and Their Families Connecting You with Trained, Compassionate Pals

It is a scientifically planned subscription program that efficiently manages unplanned medical emergencies and saves lives. It also prevents emergencies many times by monitoring the elders very closely. It promotes taking care of physical health as well as mental health.

Programme Benefits

24X7 medical emergency management

We provide 24×7 dedicated support center for any medical emergencies in any hour of the day, a dedicated phone number that is active for 24X7. In case of an emergency reported, our team will take immediate action.

Human support for medical emergency

Our emergency team stays equipped and prepared round the clock for any medical emergency, coordinates ambulance and assures fastest hospitalization. Beside that, we keep our members’ medical history and prescriptions handy so that it accelerates the course of action.

Dedicated Care

A dedicated PU PAL takes care of the elderly. This is the same person who visits them regularly and calls the assigned members throughout their membership. He/she will be the one point contact for the elders.

Regular Care

The assigned care responders call the elders regularly and monitor their wellbeing. They also act as a companion for the elderly as they often need people around them who can hear them and talk to them. From booking an appointment or booking a lab test to looking for a house-help, our care responder will be there with a solution.

Monthly Care

Our assigned care responders will pay a visit twice every month to check the wellbeing and mobility of the elderly. They also check vitals during these visits and spend some quality time with the elders.

Regular checks of BP, Blood Sugar at home.

We keep a record of basic health vitals like Blood pressure, blood sugar, Oxygen saturation, pulse rate etc. The care responder who pays a visit twice every month at elders place, checks all their vitals and keep a track of it. The vitals are checked in an interval of 15 days so that if there is any abnormality seen, we can consult the doctor immediately and prevent medical emergencies.  

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Reduced Loneliness

Members of Pink Umbrella has testified that they don't feel lonely anymore. Whenever they feel low they can stay connected to their care responder.


Feel Secured

Members feel secured during the hospitalization or any medical emergency.


Better Health

Member reports better health because of regular vitals check and assistance .It promotes both mental and physical health


Higher Retention

Our members of CCP are retains than other plan.

Monthly plan

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One time registration 5000+Gst
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Single subscription:
One time registration to one time registration included 18000+ gst

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one time registration to one time registration included. 29499+gst

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