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From losing a home to building homes in Uganda

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Souradip & Tanima Mukherjee

Mrs. T Mukherjee found her grandson in souradip. She shares  her daily routines, her happy moments, her plights with Him.Sometime they share their evening tea and snacks with her.

At this stage of life  her kids and grandkids are  well established abroad. She stays with her long time attendant.  She herself felt isolated as the near and dear ones are far away. After getting the service of Pink Umbrella . She got a real friend.

Souradip Visits her twice in a month and besides taking health vitals they  talk  about her life experience and overall just as friends do. Mrs. Mukherjee  

told of her views about Souradip, “He is very responsible and friendly . He helps me a lot with things I couldn’t do before. Even force me to walk.”

Souradip  shared, “is we both feel comfortable and talk freely. We talk about everything—family, current affairs, life, and we joke around a lot. I love her personality. She is very devoted to God and spirituality.I love to watch it unfold. I love to spend time with her. It  never feels  like a job. I always  check in on her. I assure  she is doing fine. I feel great that I can help herand have those beautiful life lessons

.” As Mrs. Mukherjee confirmed, “ Souradip  coming makes me happy, and I cherish that till the next visit.