Pink Umbrella – Elder Care Services in Kolkata

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What is PU Mates

PU Mates support our members (elders) with things like companionship, assistance during doctor visits, and even assistance during medical emergencies. 

Choose PU Mates as your full-time job or explore flexible work opportunities. 

Experience the joy of doing good.

    what we do.

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    Engage in
    Purposeful Tasks

    Engage in Purposeful Tasks

    Being a PU Pal entails undertaking meaningful tasks that bring about positive change within your community. The assistance provided by PU Mates significantly influences the well-being of our members. A remarkable 90% of Pink Umbrella members reported a decrease in feelings of loneliness after spending time with a PU Pal.

    Continuous Learning
    and Personal Growth

    Embrace Continuous Learning and Personal Growth

    PU Mates play a crucial role in fostering supportive and genuine connections, all while gaining invaluable experience with real individuals. By engaging in this role, you’ll acquire valuable skills that can be applied to various career paths, including healthcare. The opportunities for learning and growth are abundant as PU Mates.

    Flexible Opportunities to Grow and Contribute

    Flexible Opportunities to Grow and Contribute

    Join us to work full-time, immerse in empathetic and technical roles for extensive growth. Or choose part-time, balancing studies and personal commitments while contributing and gaining valuable life lessons. Embrace flexibility, contribute to society, and shape your future! 


    What PU Mates do?

    They are constantly vigilant in providing support to the elderly, ensuring their well-being, and maintaining comprehensive medical records. Additionally, they efficiently handle medical emergencies.

     Regardless of our age, we all crave companionship. However, as we retire from work and our hair turns gray, our social circles tend to shrink. There are times when we have things we don’t want to share with our family but would rather confide in a friend. In such cases, our team mates can become that trusted companion.

    They offer a wide range of non-medical support to the elderly, making it more convenient for     them to access outdoor services..

    Our efficient team ensures that all medical information is kept readily accessible and well-organized.

    They can serve as your guides to help you operate a smartphone, make video calls, or nurturing your old lost hobby.