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Being at 60 or above usually never considered as exciting in terms of fashion specifically in case of women in India. There are various age-old taboos remains. If you are 60 you cannot wear red or bold colors, you cannot put lipsticks or try any unconventional makeup. Fashion is a state of mind and age has completely nothing to do with it.

With the growing age you get graceful, you become wiser and it has its beauty within. It’s just like vintage wine that gets nicer and richer and get better with the time. Earlier women after 50 consciously did not pay attention to their cloths, accessorize and looks but with the time the wiser ladies takes more care. This view is not yet penetrated to the middleclass society, they still believe they can only look good as “Mother India “portrayed by the Bollywood for long.

Let’s keep our hesitations out for a minute and take a fresh look at fashion. Here we are sharing few tips for the ladies who are ahead of this age game and ready to try fresh looks and inspire others. So as Durga puja is knocking at the door it’s the right time to plan these four festive days to rock with your looks. So, for all the divas out there …

Style Guide and Wardrobe Tips for Women
Do not afraid of bold colors, strike a balance in between.
Wear well-fitting ankle length jeans and trousers as contrasting to baggy ones.
Loose jeans with loose tops are bad match, let one of them be well fitted.
Pick dresses that drape around you over the clingy ones. Pick cardigans instead of oversized sweaters.
Never overlook the magic of shape wear and correct lingerie.
Go with patterns and prints that complement your body shape.
Right accessories are and always will be a game changer.

Dress with Denim

You’re never too old to wear denim. It has no age and suit every shape and size. Team it with a white shirt and printed/solid color scarf for a classic look. An oversized spectacle can give extra mileage.

Saree Sutra

Instead of weapping around a  long pieace of cloth you can make it eye catching with a sassy blouse or a shirt or a haulter neck top.You can accesorize it with classic or funky jewellery

Must have LWD

This kind of dress is a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. Shirt dresses are so amazingly versatile in looks, and can easily worn during the day as well as the night. The best part is it compliments every body type.

Length does matter

The new trend is  long Kurti in today’s date. It goes best with Skinny Jeans, Straight Pant, Palazzo, Tights, Dhoti Pants, to top it, it can be worn with ethnic jackets. When paired with skirts they make a great pair outfit and can be worn at partie,freiend reunites and brunches. It is a  funky and traditional at the same time. The entire look is incomplete without the junk jewels and apt bags.